About us

Mission: At Wolf Virtual Reality, LLC, our mission is to visually capture our client’s imagination, as if we were looking through their eyes, and transform their desires into a reality.

Vision: To achieve the highest level of photorealism where one questions its authenticity.

Company Goals: To create a demand for the highest caliber virtual reality environments, incorporating proprietary materials, lighting and furnishing to match our client's exact specifications. Challenging one’s perception of actual reality and developing loyalty to the Wolf Virtual Reality, LLC brand.

Objective: Bring clients dreams to life; taking the “I wish” out of one’s mind and altering its possibility into reality.

Business Philosophy: To revolutionize the industry by changing the landscape of high priced low-quality video and visual illustrations. WolfVR Virtual Reality, LLC is poised to provide luxuriously, one of a kind, unique video and visual illustrations of clients perspectives in all industries.

What we do

3D Visualization | Virtual Production | Animation
Pre - Visualization | Visual effects | Cinematics
Concept Development | Motion Graphics | Matte Painting
Scheduling - Planing | Project Oversight | Project Managment


Our mission at Wolf Virtual Reality, LLC (WolfVR) is to generate photorealistic 3Dimensional environments, which will augment actual reality and provide our customers with a one of a kind virtual experience. Utilizing the latest virtual reality technologies, WolfVR immerses our clients within their luxurious creations. Given our unwavering commitment, we provide the highest level of customer service, which transforms our client's visions into a life changing experience. WolfVR takes your ideas and turns them into extraordinary images.

Making a difference in our community, WolfVR is poised to lead the industry by using the latest virtual reality technologies along with a little mind manipulation. If you’re ready to experience the ultimate serotonin spike, please contact Wolf Virtual Reality for your personal consultation.

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The renderings that WolfVR have developed for us have been a great design and marketing tool. Michal and his team have consistently produced material with well selected interior furnishings and excellent lighting. The photorealistic images provide incredible detail.

Peter Skornia, President BAZZANI

360 degree

This augmented reality 360 degree viewer. This project is several month from being completed but client and potential client can get feel of what the space will look like.

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Our mission at Wolf Virtual Reality is to generating realistic 3Dimensional environments which will augment actual reality and provide our customers with a one of a kind 3D virtual experience.